Amuse Nez

The project aimed at analysing and improving the context of a perfumery. The design goal was to help people find a suitable perfume for themselves by:

– Giving customers a language to talk about their wishes

– Improving the interaction between sales people and customers

– Gaining a satisfying overview of perfumes to make a decision

The final product consists of a frame holding 10 ceramic testers, each scented with a different perfume ingredient. The testers can be smelled individually and rated on a scale. This lets the user explore their own taste and gain an overview. Depending on the perfumery’s concept up to 6 boxes of testers can be used. On this basis the perfumery staff can provide the customer with the ideal perfume suggestion. The product is made out of glazed porcelain which has no inherent smell and does not take on any smell. The testers have a narrow slot in which a drop of scented oil can be filled. This slot is left unglazed to soak up the oil and keep the smell for up to 3 months. Due to its rough pores, the material has a very large surface which makes it possible to give off a lot of smell. The elongated shape of the tester enables users to „smell actively“ and move the tester back and forth under their nose. This creates some air movement which transports the scent.

Master (2016) – 12 ECTS

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