Corporate Identity – Costume Hire Store

After conducting a thorough service design analysis (see here) for the costume hire shop, different projects were realised as part of a new Corporate Identity.

The first step comprised Corporate Communication, both internal and external. Internal guidelines including mission statement, values and goals were agreed upon. Externally, a new foto backdrop with a professional flash unit was installed in order to improve the pictures taken of the costumes and uploaded to the website. At the same time, communication through Instagram and Facebook was started. New photos are shared frequently matching the season in order to keep customers engaged.

In a second step, the Corporate Design including a new logo and style-guide in accordance with the guidelines was developed. Building upon the style-guide and the photos a new website was set up. A classical layout was chosen since the shop’s target audience are middle-aged to senior customers who often struggle to find things on the website by themselves.




poster CI

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