Emotion dinner

As part of the course „design and emotion“ this one-day project had the aim of visualising the emotion respect in a dish. Each of the four glasses represents one stage of food waste occuring in the production of the final product, a truffle and potato cream soup topped with a filled quail egg: In production and harvest, a big part of the food is never sold because it is too small or does not fit the regulations. Transportation and distribution are very resource intensive and also account for massive losses. Leftovers and storage cause further waste when food grows mould and perishes or even food that is still edible is thrown away because of best before dates. Processing and cooking left waste are a further source of waste both on a privat consumer as well as on a gastronomy and food production level. In total, roughly one third of the food produced in the world for human consumption every year is lost this way, with an even higher number for industrialized nations. Especially luxurious food such as the depicted truffle and potato cream soup topped with a filled quail egg only uses a selection of the best food products and many labour hours. Therefore, the project makes this background knowledge visible to create the feeling of respect when consuming the dish.

Master (2017) – One-day project





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