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The aim of the concept is to enable people who already appreciate gender equality to share this value with others. The problem of gender inequality is multilayered: Many stereotypes, reinforced by society, are present in people‘s minds. This leads to certain patterns of behaviour which cause severe inequality. Therefore, the toilette paper contains facts about gender inequality and open questions addressing stereotypes. Of course, this can not solve the issue of gender inequality by itself but different stages of interaction, up to the performing of a social media ritual, are possible:

1. Ignoring the toilette paper

2. Reading about gender equality

3. Thinking about gender equality

4. Discussing gender equality

5. Sharing gender equality issues on social media


By using the #flushgenderinequality the message is shared online and spread worldwide. The toilette paper can be bought online by anyone joining the movement. It is targeted towards the hipster subculture and its fast spreading cafe culture. Initially characterised by the hipster values of progressiveness, alternativeness and also (gender) equality these cafes can now be found in any country be it in Dubai, New York, Moscow or Delft. However, customers do not necessarily share these values but are attracted by the hipster culture which is seen as something cool and desirable in which people want to participate. Gender equality toilette paper is a symbol of doing something that is long overdue: Flushing gender inequality and also stereotypes down the toilette – literally. This could potentially raise awareness for the topic both in private as well as public debate.

Designing a ritual – culture sensitive design Masters (2018) – 3 ECTS

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